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Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League


Naming Rights and Sponsorship

Expanding market share across all product lines and brand awareness in the province of Saskatchewan, the largest agriculture market in Western Canada, is a key business goal of CANTERRA SEEDS growth plans. The company was seeking to raise awareness through brand mentions in media channels and industry sectors it does not actively participate in, but its customers patronize.


The Strategy

Our firm pitched the idea of partnering with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL), an organization with strong, established connections that stir passion and pride within the communities it operates. The SJHL presented an opportunity for us to secure the naming rights for the SJHL Championship Cup and the CANTERRA SEEDS Cup was introduced at the start of the 2022/23 season.

The primary goal of securing the naming rights was to elevate the positive perception of the CANTERRA SEEDS brand by leveraging the web of connections already established by the league, the individual teams and the players to promote and celebrate our partnership.

The focal point of the creative was the branding the CANTERRA SEEDS Cup and developing assets the league, teams and company could use to promote the CANTERRA SEEDS Cup throughout the season.


The Creative



“On behalf of the entire SJHL team I want to thank you for your enthusiasm for the SJHL. I sincerely appreciate you introducing us to CANTERRA SEEDS and for all of your outstanding resources and services for both of us. You guys have put in some outstanding shifts this season!

Kyle McIntyre – Commissioner of the SJHL

The CANTERRA SEEDS Cup drove significant earned brand name mentions across multiple Saskatchewan-based media platforms, local media in the team’s communities and on TSN.

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